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Presumption of correct delivery

The maritime carrier's invitation to the amicable survey must indicate, even summarily, precisely the damage invoked and its importance to be equivalent to the written notice required by article 3-6 of the Brussels Convention of 25 August 1924 (Supreme Court, 18 May 2022, n°20-17895)

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9th annual conference – Opportunities in Superyachts on 24 March 2022

Jean-Philippe MASLIN speaks at the 9th annual conference - Opportunities in Superyachts, in Malta, on 24 March 2022 about the sanctions on Russia and their impact on superyachts, how it affects superyacht owners, crew, insurers and all superyacht sectors.

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Carriage and handling of hazardous materials in ports

An order dated 7 February 2022 amending the regulation appended to the order of 18 July 2000 regulating the carriage and handling of hazardous materials in ports will come into force on 1 July 2023 at the latest. The order governs in particular the conditions of admission in shipyards of ships carrying or having carried dangerous goods in bulk, with a view to carrying out fitting, maintenance and repair work.

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